Interior & Furniture Design

Serenity Park offers Interior/Furniture Design & Manufacturing Services.

We like to provide turnkey solutions to our customers. We assist you in every detail in your project creation, creating strong visual identity, conceiving till the smaller items that requires personalized Design, Logo, packaging etc… We can purchase materials, accessories and appliances as well.

Many of our Hospitality or Commercial projects in Europe, Amerique or Africa have been totally conceived in Indonesia. Therefore, beside the projects we work on, in South-East Asia and particularly in Bali, we have a strong experience in Long distance Design consultancy and we offer special packages that are very successful despite the distance.

Exemple for Long Distance Hotel Consultancy:

Conception of a Theme/Visual Identity of the Hotel, Wall texture/color, lighting, floor, Accessories, Fragances, etc… Space planning (Entrance, Front desk, Concierge, Lounge Area, Dining room etc…)

  • Design of the Reception desk
  • Design of a Wall Art piece behind the reception desk
  • Design of the Bar area
  • Furniture
  • Painting/Sculptures/Accessories
  • Table Accessories/ Dishes/ Towels…
  • Public Bathroom

Additional:SOURCING/DESIGNING/PURCHASING:Furniture,Art/Decoration/Table Accessories, Paintings, Curtains, Business cards design & Printing, Hotel brochure printing, Menu printing etc…

Elaboration on a Theme/Style/Atmosphere for the room, advising about wall texture/color, lighting, floor, curtains, linens, accessories, lamps, wall decoration/Art, Furniture Design. Space planning for each room.Additional: SOURCING/ DESIGNING/ PURCHASING: Art & Decoration Accessories, Paintings, Curtains, Bedding (Matrass, linen etc…), Towels with Hotel Logo, Bath supplies with Hotel Logo Packaging, Lighting etc…


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