About us

Serenity-Park is an Indonesian based Interior architecture/Design Consultancy founded in 2003 by the French Designer Shalva AMOS.

Shalva AMOS has been working in the industry for many years in a few different countries designing Interiors, Furniture, Home accessories, Jewelry, Graphics and has also worked as a Photographer. Her approach to Design is Holistic and in Harmony with nature and environnement. Her goal is to create sereine as well as lively and sparkling atmosphere to heal, relax and recharge Energy.

The Design office is also part of APAKABAR Furniture Factory and offers services in collaboration with APAKABAR or independently as well.

Serenity-Park provides turnkey solutions for Hospitality/Commercial projects and aims to help business grow through good design technics but also to breath a Soul and Magic to new or old places.

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